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China: Partnering with Turkey as the world's leading emerging economies

17-05-2019 | admin

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Wednesday that Turkey and his country are among the most important emerging economic markets and developing countries in the world.

He made the remarks at a press conference held by the Turkish Deputy foreign minister, Sadat, in Beijing, the capital, as part of a recent working visit to China.

Yi noted that, under the existing international requirements, cooperation and strategic coordination between them should be increased.

"The two countries share a broad section of interests," he said.

"Onal's visit to China is very valuable in terms of bilateral political relations," he said.

For his part, Onal confirmed that his meetings with Chinese officials during the visit were effective.

The invitation was extended to the Chinese official to attend the "Ambassadors ' Conference", to be held in Turkey, during the next August August.

SOURCE/Anatolian Agency3