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Turkish Energy Minister launches Rock gas drilling operation

02-06-2019 | admin

Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural resources Fatih Donmaz on Friday launched a process of prospecting for shale gas in the state of Qarqaler Eli, northwest Turkey.

He conducted an inspection visit to a rock-gas exploration project in the village of "Jishmakolo", in the "Luleburgaz" area, in the state of Qaruller Eli, and launched the process of prospecting for the shale gas.

"We launched the operation in the well called Jishmakolo 2," he said in a speech. The difference between this well and other wells is that we use new non-classic technology, used for the first time in the United States, now being used in Turkey. "

"We are going to dig for about 5,000 meters, and this is the first time we have reached this depth," Dunmaz said.

"The survey works indicate that there is a potential for shale gas in this area," he said. We have a work program that takes 160 days, and when you finish it we will see if we have a rock gas or not. I want to be optimistic. "