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Turkey's honey exports exceed $10 million in 5 months

25-06-2019 | admin

Turkey's exports of honey during the first five months of this year amounted to 10 million, 456 thousand and 342 dollars.

According to the data of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union, Germany, the United States and Saudi Arabia topped the list of the most importing countries of the Turkish honey during the said period from 41 honey-importing countries.

According to the data, the total quantity of honey exported during the same period was two thousand and 445 tons, with a value of 10 million, 456 thousand and 342 dollars.

She added that Germany ranked first as the biggest importer of the Turkish honey, where the value of the exported honey was 2 million, 918 thousand and 198 dollars, while the United States ranked second with a value of 2 million, 20 thousand and 583 dollars, then Saudi Arabia with a value of 1 million, 597 thousand and 189 dollars.

Safet Kaliongo, Chairman of the Board of the Federation, said Monday that his country has achieved a noticeable increase in the export of honey in recent years, stressing that Turkish honey has become a brand-branded product.

During this year's season, Honey has been exported to countries that have not been exported to it during the past season, such as China, Libya, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malaysia, Greece, Somalia, Afghanistan and Morocco, he added.

The Turkish honey has attracted more attention from the outside due to high quality, said Kaliongo, stressing that by the end of this year, more markets will be reached than at present.

SOURCE/Anatolian Agency