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Secretary Erdogan lifts environmental conservation at G20 summit

30-06-2019 | admin

"The borders between countries should be lifted when it comes to preserving the environment," said Amina Erdogan, the Turkish president's wife.

Addressing a symposium entitled "Oceans: our valuable life resources", as part of the dedicated events for the wives of the leaders of the countries participating in the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan, Amina Erdogan referred to the major environmental threats facing the planet, but considered that there were still Time to write a new future scenario.

If appropriate steps are taken, fish will swim instead of plastic waste in the oceans by 2050, she said.

She stressed the need to lift the borders between states when it comes to the preservation of the environment, with the example of States that rid themselves of sending them away, believing that they are disposing of them, but that these wastes belong to them in the form of fish filled with microplastics.

Amina Erdogan spoke about the zero-waste campaign she launched in Turkey to conserve the environment, whose primary objective is to separate waste from the upstream and recycle it.

She pointed out that there are many other efforts to preserve the environment in Turkey, including the fight against waste at sea, and various projects to increase environmental awareness, in which all sectors of society participate, and confirmed the readiness of Turkey to provide support for all international projects aimed at protecting the environment.

The G20 summit was concluded in the Japanese city of Osaka on Saturday after the launch of Friday.

SOURCE/Anatolian Agency