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German Volkswagen moves its production from non-electric cars to Turkey

01-07-2019 | admin

Volkswagen wants to focus its production of electric cars in Germany, and to transfer the automotive models with internal combustion engines to another country. All indications are that their destination will be Turkey, according to Spanish newspaper Espanatolia.

The major German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen has announced that Turkey and Bulgaria are the candidates for the next production plant site, which will be dedicated to manufacturing several automotive models with an internal combustion engine as part of the multinational company's plans to focus its production in Germany on automobiles Electrical.

At the beginning of 2019, Volkswagen announced that it would start producing models of electric-propelled cars in its factories in Germany, while considering transferring the production of many models with conventional combustion engines to other factories, possibly in eastern Europe.

Initially, the German company developed an initial list of five countries that could include this new plant. According to the latest information, however, this list was limited to only two states: Turkey and Bulgaria. According to the Turkish press, representatives of the multinational company conducted several visits to both countries during the past three months and held talks with the authorities.

For its part, the German newspaper "Frankfurter" published a news that Herbert Deiss, chairman of the Board of directors Volkswagen, traveled last week to Turkey to discuss the details of the infrastructure of the future plant. The published information indicates that he may have held several meetings in Ankara during the hearing with representatives of the Turkish Government.

The new factory in the city of Manisa, will make cars of the type seat Attica and Skoda Carok

Unspecified sources confirmed that Volkswagen will announce its final decision in less than two weeks and is expected to be in favor of Turkey, where the German company plans to transport the production of many models, including seat Attica and Skoda Carok.

Rumors suggest that a new factory could be set up for a German multinational company outside the Turkish city of Manisa, 40 kilometers from Izmir, the country's third largest city after Istanbul and Ankara. According to the "Frankfurter" newspaper, investment in the plant will be worth two billion euros, and its annual production capacity is expected to reach about 300,000 cars.