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Strategic resource discovery at a depth of 620 meters underground in western Turkey

07-07-2019 | admin

The state of Afyon, western Turkey, on Saturday witnessed the discovery of mineral water, with a temperature of 71.50 degrees Celsius, at a depth of 620 meters underground.

Speaking to reporters, the Chairman of the Board of a medical tourism company, "Bulent Ketkmaz", said that prospecting for mineral water in Noah's village lasted for a whole year.

They announced their intention to transform the discovered water area of 31,000 and 500 dunums into health resorts, which would promote medical tourism in the region.

The mayor of the region, Ardal Kroman, said the discovery would contribute to more tourism development and attract more investment.

He stressed that the good transport system, in addition to the advanced infrastructure, are important factors in transforming the region into a tourist attraction center.

The state is the most popular therapeutic destination for local and foreign visitors throughout the course of the year, as it contains spas and hot springs, as well as historical and religious monuments.

SOURCE/Anatolian Agency