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Turkey's products comply with European standards exceed98 percent

18-07-2019 | admin

to Turkey, said that Turkish products are more than 98 percent compliant with European standards.

In a statement to Anatolia, Berger said the Turkish Standards Institute has full membership in the European Commission for Standardization and the European Commission for Electrotechnical Standards.

This means manufacturing Turkish products in a regulatory environment similar to EU products, which is reflected in the export of Turkish products to EU countries, he said.

He said that Turkey's entry into a customs union with the Eu from January 1996 provided a strong incentive for Turkey to comply with domestic market legislation in many areas, from censorship laws to intellectual property rights.

Berger said trade between the two sides has increased steadily over the past four years, from 129.2 billion euros ($144.7 billion) in 2014 to 154.6 billion euros ($173.15 billion) in 2017 and 153.3 billion euros ($172 billion) in 2018.

The European Union was Turkey's main trading partner, with half of Turkey's exports going.

Berger stressed that the modernization of the customs union between Turkey and the EU will positively affect the interests of both parties.

Source/Anatolia News Agency