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Trade and economic cooperation agreement between Turkey and Jordan

03-10-2019 | admin

Turkey and Jordan on Tuesday signed a trade and economic cooperation agreement between the two countries, at the end of talks with Turkish Trade Minister Rohsar Bakjan and Jordanian Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Tarek Al-Hammouri, in Ankara, Turkey.

At a ceremony at the ministry's headquarters in Ankara, Bakjan said the two countries aim to liberalize trade between them in the medium and long term.

The agreement aims to encourage the restoration of momentum for bilateral trade relations, she said, and provides for the establishment of the joint economic committee between the two countries.

The Joint Economic Commission would provide cooperation between Turkey and Jordan in 16 areas, mainly the economy, trade and investment.

She added that Turkish-Jordanian relations are important in terms of achieving and ensuring regional well-being and stability, noting that the two countries have signed some 40 agreements and cooperation protocols.

Al-Hammouri said that under the agreement, a joint economic committee will be set up under the chairmanship of the relevant ministers of both countries.

The committee would assess bilateral trade, investment and economic ties, identify economic sectors of interest to joint cooperation, and work to identify and remove obstacles to trade and economic cooperation.

Source/Anatolia News Agency