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Number of newly established companies in Turkey increases in 2019

29-01-2020 | admin

The number of companies established in Turkey last year in partnership between Turkish and foreign capital, reached 12,634.

According to the Federation of Turkish Chambers and Exchanges, the total capital of these companies amounted to 5.7 billion Turkish liras (about US$1 billion).

The data showed that 1,149 companies are listed as "joint stock companies", and the rest are "limited liability".

According to the data, the proportion of foreign capital in these companies was 83.25 percent.

The capital of these companies came from citizens of several countries, most notably Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Libya.

Istanbul topped the list of turkey's most incubated joint stock companies with 8,828 companies established with Turkish and foreign capital.

Antalya came in second with 705, Ankara third with 589 and Gaziantep fourth with 504 companies.