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His customers are Arabs and Europeans. Turk exports 1 million "locusts" a year

10-02-2020 | admin

Turkish citizen Salami Gokgul issues about 1 million "jars" annually to several countries around the world, most notably Kuwait, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia.

Gokgol owns an insect breeding farm, in the southwestern State of Antalya, which he founded 17 years ago, after obtaining a license from the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

The farm aims to produce a variety of live bait species, and currently produces 12 species of insects, including locusts, worms and cockroaches.

In an interview with Anatolia, Gokgol said the insects it produces are very popular from abroad.

He noted that he exports about 1 million locusts annually to countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Australia, adding that "we have customers in Kuwait as well, some of whom invite us to open a similar facility there."

He said he is raised by locusts in accordance with European standards, where he performs sterilizations on the farm.

Locusts are used as meals in some countries, and the majority of its customers are in foreign countries, he said.

He added that locust prices vary by size and age, ranging from Turkish lira to 10 pts, to 63 pts.


Source/Anatolia News Agency