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Turkish government: the wheel of the economy will return to its session soon

29-04-2020 | admin

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has confirmed that the country's economy will "return to full speed" with the gradual lifting of the Corona measures as planned.

Erdogan made the statement during a meeting of the Central Executive Committee of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), via closed-circuit television.

Erdogan noted that the return of the economy will re-inject money into the state treasury, saying: "It is enough for us to overcome this crisis with the least possible losses."

Erdogan called on the Turkish people to be patient for another time in the fight against Corona, warning of "virus hiding" for its ability to spread again when any lax measures are taken.

The Turkish president thanked his compatriots, saying: "I thank all those who have supported us by adhering to preventive measures at this difficult time."

"The change in the world offers our country new and great opportunities," Erdogan said.

"We, the people and the state, are determined to act quickly to take advantage of this historic opportunity," he said.

On the people's support for the current crisis, he explained that "the value of support for the real sector and lower income groups so far has been about $28 billion."

Erdogan said they are harnessing the state's resources to serve citizens in this crisis, stressing that "spending every penny for the well-being, stability, security and future of the people and the state means that it has been spent in its proper place."

The Turkish president expressed his appreciation for the difficulty of citizens over the age of 65 and those under 20 years of age staying for weeks inside their homes, saying: "In order not to see more losses we are patient together, and God willing we are close to reaping the results, the beautiful days are waiting for us."

At the party level, Erdogan said that "the threats and difficulties facing our country show that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has no alternative by assuming responsibilities."

On Monday evening, the Turkish Ministry of Health announced that 4,651 people recovered from the coronavirus in a single day had recorded the highest number of people recovering from the coronavirus.

The Turkish Ministry of Health said in a statement that the infections continued to decline after only 2,131 cases were recorded, bringing the total to 112,261, and the total number of deaths rose to 2,900, following 95 new deaths.


Source/Anatolia News Agency