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Turkey announces start of energy production at Europe's largest dam

28-05-2020 | admin

Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bakir Bakdemirli announced that the production of power at the Stein Dam in the Turkish state of Sert has begun, explaining that the dam and hydroelectric power plant were built at an altitude of 165 meters.

"The dam is one of the largest dams in Turkey and Europe by class, and 615 million cubic meters of water will be stored, 37 kilometers long, and the lake will be 12 kilometers," he added.

500 million TL

"The dam has a total installed capacity of 420 MW spread over three large turbines and one small one," Hesaid, adding that the dam will generate 1.175 million kilowatt-hours of energy annually and will contribute about 500 million Turkish liras to the national economy."

"At the moment, a small unit and a large unit have begun to work and produce electricity," Bakir said.

The Turkish Minister of Agriculture noted the importance of the dam in terms of increasing the share of domestic and renewable energy for the country, pointing out that the dam has been completed and has become a contribution to the national economy, stressing that the availability of the country's energy source will positively affect the foreign trade deficit.


Source/ Yeni Şafak