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Turkish minister reveals land ownership facts around Istanbul Canal

07-06-2020 | admin

Turkish Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Murat Gorum responded to the question of mp Ozgur Karabat of the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) about the ownership of the land surrounding the Istanbul Canal project during the turkish parliament session on Friday.

Murad Gorum revealed that foreign companies established in Turkey have so far acquired an area of 791,370 square meters of land surrounding the Istanbul Canal.

The Turkish minister denied hiding any information related to the land registry data, pointing to its participation according to a specific system with municipalities and public institutions.

Restricting access to personal information recorded in the Land Registry is based on article 12 of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Municipalities and some other public institutions are now able to access personal property data through an online portal, Heurum said.

The "Istanbul Canal" project, which is expected to enhance Turkey's position in the area of water crossings, will connect the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea in the European section of Istanbul, 45 kilometres, parallel to the Bosphorus.

Through the project, the Turkish government aims to reduce the movement of ships through the Bosphorus and to open new investment opportunities on both sides of the canal, to be completed by 2023.