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Turkey's Aselsan signs $31.3 million respiratory deal

16-06-2020 | admin

Turkish defense giant ASELSAN has signed a $31.3 million deal with International Health Services Inc. to produce mechanical respirators.

Aselsan said wednesday in a statement that it had received a request as part of the deal to produce mid-level intensive care mechanical respirators, and indicated that it would deliver the devices this year.

With The Coved 19 epidemic causing severe shortness of breath as a symptom, the need to intensify the respiratory industry has recently increased.

Many countries have had difficulty finding enough respirators, while Turkey has been able to start producing and manufacturing them locally, and exporting them abroad as well.

The mechanical respiration device, produced by The Turkish technology company BIOSYS and developed between 2012 and 2017, was upgraded with the help of defense contractors Baykar, Aselsan and electrical household appliance manufacturer Arçelik.

Baycar, Aselsan and Archilik supported biosis's mechanical ventilator model, contributing to the launch of 100 units of the production line in just two weeks.

Turkey has exported more than 1,000 mechanical respirators, the Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology said in late May.