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Goja: Turkey opens a new era in the health sector

20-06-2020 | admin

Turkey's health minister, Fakhreddin Goja, said Saturday that his country is opening a new era in the health sector by introducing more healthy cities to service.

The Turkish minister made the statement at the opening of the Hospital "Professor Asif Atasioan", which is part of the University of Marmara (state) in Istanbul.

"Turkey is preparing with a new vision to cope with epidemics, earthquakes and disasters through emergency hospitals," goja said.

"We are opening a new era in the health sector by bringing more medical cities into service."

He continued: "The projects of medical cities in Turkey are crystallized in their spirit by three values: vision, implementation and ethics of service."

"The threat of the virus still exists and the return of life to normal does not mean retreating from the fight against it," Gogga said.

"The Corona threat will end if we stick to prevention measures, and we will defeat the virus, God willing," he said.

"The current era is turkey's healthy age, in line with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's goals in this sector," he said.

He explained that the proliferation of corona in the world has demonstrated the validity of investment in the field of health, and the need for the sector to export development programmes.

He stressed the need to adhere to different prevention measures more than ever before, as the threat of Corona was not over.

The hospital was built on the Asian side of Istanbul on an area of 181 dunums and a closed area of 113,000 square meters.

In this regard, he pointed out that the hospital is earthquake-resistant, where it was strengthened by 827 seismic earthquakes (earthquake-resistant columns).

The hospital has a capacity of 535 beds, including 60 beds in the intensive care unit, as well as 28 operating rooms.


Source/Anatolia News Agency