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Turkish-Libyan agreement to facilitate financial cooperation between the two countries

02-09-2020 | admin

Turkey on Monday announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Libya to facilitate economic and financial cooperation between the two countries.

The Central Bank of Turkey said that the memorandum of understanding concluded on Monday will contribute to the establishment of the necessary ground for the development of cooperation between them in

Issues related to central banks.

The statement added that within the framework of the memorandum of understanding, it is planned to launch activities that will develop economic relations,

And to strengthen financial cooperation between the two countries.

The Government of Reconciliation, the Libyan homeland, and the House of Representatives in Tobruk, eastern Libya, agreed last Friday to immediately cease fire.

and combat operations across the country.

This was in accordance with two separate statements in conjunction with the presidential council of the internationally recognized Government of National Accord of Libya and the Parliament of Tobruk.

Loyal Khalifa Haftar.

The Libyan government announced "instructing all military forces to immediately cease fire and all hostilities in all Libyan territory".

"To achieve an effective ceasefire requires that the areas of Sirte (north) and Al-Jafra (central) be demilitarized,

"The police agencies on both sides agree on security arrangements within them."

"Calling for presidential and parliamentary elections in March, in accordance with an appropriate constitutional rule to be agreed upon by Libyans."

"Oil revenues will not be disposed of until comprehensive political arrangements have been reached, according to Berlin's output,

To ensure transparency and good governance with the help of the UN mission and the international community."

For his part, The Speaker of the Parliament (Tobruk) Akela Saleh in a statement called for an immediate ceasefire and the selection of the city of Sirte

Temporary headquarters for the new Presidential Council.

The statement called on "all parties to immediately cease fire and all hostilities throughout the country."

"The ceasefire makes Sirte the temporary seat of the new presidential council, bringing together all Libyans and bringing them closer," he said.

"An official security police force from different regions is securing it in preparation for the unification of state institutions."

"The emphasis on preserving the capabilities of the Libyan people is to resume oil production and export, and to freeze their revenues by private account," he said.

"The Libyan Foreign Bank, which is only disposed of after a political settlement has been reached."

The statement called on all parties to "move beyond the past and turn the pages of conflict and fighting, and look to the future and build the state through

An electoral process in accordance with the Constitution, and the launching of comprehensive national reconciliation as a basis for building the nation and ensuring its stability.

This comes after nearly two months, the two sides have mobilized their forces around sirte (north) and Al-Jafra (central), while