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Ankara Ambassador: Confident to double the weight of the Turkish and Chinese economies globally

17-09-2020 | admin

Ankara's ambassador to Beijing, Abdelkader Amin Onen, expressed confidence that the weight of the Turkish and Chinese economies could be doubled if cooperation between the two countries is strengthened.

Onen, at an event organized by the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Committee, said all the data indicate that China will be the most powerful economic country, and Turkey is the fifth in the world, by 2035.

He stressed the need to prepare long-term plans on how to strengthen economic relations between Ankara and Beijing.

Onen praised China's fight against the CORONA virus, noting that beijing authorities had taken strict measures to prevent the epidemic.

He noted that strategic cooperation between Turkey and China began in 2010, and that the relations between the two countries have seen great momentum in all fields and sectors over the past two years.

The Chinese Silk Road project contributes to strengthening existing relations between the two countries, he said, noting that Ankara and Beijing are now seeking to increase joint and reciprocal investment.

"Our relationship with China is constantly evolving, with the value of our trade in 2001 being $1.1 billion, while last year's figure was $21.1 billion," he said.

China is one of Turkey's most important economic partners in the world, he said, noting that the current volume of trade does not correspond to the capabilities and economic potential of the two countries.


Source/Anatolia News Agency