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Turkey.. Fresh fig exports exceed $39 million

25-09-2020 | admin

Turkey's exports of fresh figs reached $39 million and $306,000 this year.

According to information obtained by Anatolia from the Aegean Exporters' Union in Turkey, the country's fresh fig export season usually runs between July 26 and mid-September each year.

Turkish exports grew 12 percent this year, compared with the same period last year.

Fresh Turkish figs reached the tables of 50 countries around the world, led by Germany, Russia and the Netherlands.

Khaireddine Uttshak, president of the Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters in the Western Aegean region, said fresh fig export revenues reached $49 million last year.

He said they are targeting $60 million in fresh fig exports by the end of the year.


Source/Anatolia News Agency