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German tribute to Turkish car

19-10-2020 | admin

The German newspaper "Handelsblatt" praised the turkish local car "TOGG", calling it "Tesla" Turkish, referring to the world-famous electric car.

One of Germany's leading economic newspapers, TOGG predicted that TOGG would be attractive in the German market, if its prices were competitive.

She added that TOGG will soon take its place among the Turkish national product chain.

The German newspaper also devoted a lot of space in its story to an interview with Mehmet Gorjan Qara Gash, CEO of the Commercial Industrial Company Ltd. for the Local Turkish Car Initiative (TOGG).

"Turkey, by making TOGG, is producing a smart device that is more than just a car," she said.

He added that Turkey could produce batteries for cars of togg competitors around the world.

Last December, Turkey unveiled the birth of the first national car, manufactured with purely local potential, that will enter service and take the streets of the country within three years.

By Last July, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had opened a complex housing the factory, which will witness the production of the local car, located in the District of Gamlik in Bursa state, northwestern Turkey.

The factory provides jobs for 4,323 people, including 300 qualified people, to produce 175,000 local cars annually of 5 different types.


Source/Anatolia News Agency