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Istanbul. "Mosaed Expo 2020" concludes its activities with a wide participation

25-11-2020 | admin

The 18th edition of the 18th Edition of The Mosed Expo 2020, with the participation of thousands of Turkish and foreign businessmen, concluded in Istanbul on Tuesday.

The Turkish Association of Independent Businessmen and Industrialists (Mosahad) said in a statement on Tuesday that the exhibition, which was held during the epidemic period, attracted great interest from participants and visitors, and successfully ended its activities.

Nearly 15,000 visitors from 102 countries attended the four-day exhibition at the "Toyab" Center, which was certified as the "Safe Exhibition" at the time of the epidemic.

It noted that it had hosted 400 procurement committees from 50 countries and had signed numerous agreements from 4 continents.

She pointed out that there is a strong demand from European, Asia-Pacific, Eurasia, Africa, Middle East and North Africa countries to support investment policies for the new period in Turkey.

During the exhibition, the "Mosaed World Summit on Trade and Honorary Diplomacy" was held with the participation of 50 honorary consuls, who play an important role in international trade, from the United States, Europe and Asia.

The Turkish Association of Turkish Businessmen and Independent Industrialists (Mosahad) was founded in Istanbul on May 9, 1990 by a group of Turkish businessmen who believe in Turkey's economic potential and the need to open it to the global market.

The association aims to encourage Turkish businessmen to expand their businesses outside Turkey, as well as to provide opportunities to develop themselves and establish partnerships with international organizations outside their country.

Al-Masa'ed is home to 10,000 Turkish businessmen and 60,000 companies employing nearly 1.8 million employees. The Association has 89 representative offices throughout Turkey, as well as 225 points of contact and advisory services in 95 countries around the world.


Source/Anatolia News Agency