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High sale of real estate to foreigners in Turkey 81.5% during the first half of 2019

03-05-2019 | admin

Real estate sales for foreigners in Turkey from residential apartments, during the first quarter of this year, amounted to 9,000 and 618.

Speaking to Anatolia, the Chairman of the board of Nevita International Real Estate, Farouk Akbal, stated that the proceeds from real estate sales to foreigners amounted to $1.3 billion during this period.

Akbal said the average apartment rate is 135,000 dollars, which is expected to reach 150,000 dollars in the first half of this year.

He reported that the sector's sales to foreigners, for example, far exceeded sales in the furniture sector.

He said sales of residential apartments to foreigners in Turkey, scored a record last year, and amounted to about 40 thousand.

Akbal noted that data from the Turkish Statistics Foundation show a high percentage of sales for foreigners during this period compared to last year, by 81.5 percent, reaching 5,000 and 298.

The revenue for the past three months had reached 436 million dollars, 440 million dollars and 424 million dollars, respectively.

He predicted that the volume of real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey this year would amount to 7.5 billion dollars.

SOURCE/Anatolia Agency