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Turkish engineers create a special apparatus for mosque preachers

06-05-2019 | admin

Turkish engineers succeeded in creating an electronic device that sings the Friday preachers in the country, from using paper to read the sermon, and enhances the communication between the fiancé and the listener.

The aim of creating a "smart speech device", which works over the Internet, is to secure the release of Friday preachers from the paper or smart plates, and read them instead through the device, which also contains a microphone, which contributes to enhance the visual communication between the fiancé and the listener.

The fatwa circles in the Turkish states, thanks to the "smart speech device", will be able to see if the speeches of the country's head of religious affairs are read during Friday prayers or not.

According to information obtained by the Anatolia correspondent, the said device was manufactured by the Turkish Informatics engineers, Yasin Qarman, and Sherif Gormaz, in partnership with the local "smart microphone contribution Technology" Company.

During a short period of time, the device was tested in a mosque in Qartal district of the Asian part of the Turkish city of Istanbul, where it was used during Friday sermons about six months ago.

– Enhanced Communication

Yassin Karman, chairman of the Executive Board of the Company "microphones contributing technology", said that the device will contribute to enhance the communication between the fiancé and the listener, because the fiancé read the text of the sermon from the glass panel, which suggests his communication visually with the listener.

He added that the fiancé who is slow in his head to read the text of the sermon from the paper, loses the visual communication with the listener, which reduces the effectiveness of the speech.

The device is a glass screen and microphone, which facilitates the collection of the fiancé between reading the text of the sermon and the visual communication with the listeners, according to "Qarman".

He explained that they received positive responses from citizens who saw how the electronic device works, as well as the positive responses from the speakers themselves.

He pointed out that the device also contributes in providing the use of papers that will not be needed to be used.

– Real-time follow-up

According to Qarman, Friday's preachers, through the smart speech device, will be able to learn about recent updates and changes that may sometimes occur on Friday sermons, by the presidency of religious Affairs.

Friday sermons are prepared in the Turkish states by a team of specialists in the country's religious affairs, and mosque imams and preachers adopt this sermon on Fridays, with the possibility of preparing their own speeches if they want to.

According to Qarman, they started the serial production of the said device in January/January last year, after the idea first appeared in 2015, then enter the research and development phase.

He reported that they had sent a number of device models to some mosques, fatwa houses and Awqaf institutions in Istanbul, to test them and determine their usefulness.

With regard to when to make the electronic device available for sale in the markets, Qarman said they intend to put the product to sale by next June June, while continuing to add the necessary changes and updates.

Yusuf Orkar, in front of a mosque in Istanbul, said he started using the "Smart speech device" during his reading of Friday sermons.

Orkar expressed his admiration for the device, stating that it provided a lot of ease for him to read the text of the sermon, as well as to enhance the visual communication with the listener.

SOURCE/Anatolia Agency